What are the most common areas where Botox is used to treat unwanted wrinkle formation? Far and away, the forehead is the most frequently requested area for Botox injection in our medical spa. So many San Diego patients come to us complaining of forehead wrinkle formation, which usually involves two different regions, in particular.

Glabella Botox

The most popular area to inject Botox is the glabella, or lower forehead region. The deep creases formed in the glabella area are also referred to as frown lines because they can be seen so readily when people frown their face. Many patients refer to these as the dreaded 11s since the two parallel wrinkles formed in this area resemble the #11. There are 3 different facial muscles – the procerus and the paired corrugator muscles – that contribute to development of frown lines, so it is important that your Botox injector carefully targets each one of these during your treatment session.

Frontalis Botox

The mid to upper forehead contains the much larger muscle called the frontalis. This muscle, when contracted, creates the horizontal lines across the forehead, which are also a very common complaint in our San Diego medical spa. This is the second most popular area for Botox injection and is routinely done in combination with treatment of the lower forehead, or glabella area. Keep in mind, however, that there is a fine balance when injecting Botox into the forehead where a patient can suffer unwanted drooping of the eyebrow if too much Botox is injected in one area and not enough in another.

Depth of Botox Injection

In addition, it is vital that your Botox provider knows precisely how deep to inject in order to accurately get the Botox where it needs to go within the muscle. If you go to a novice or amateur Botox provider who lacks knowledge and training in the use of cosmetic Botox, they may easily go past the muscle and inject into a tissue plane where the Botox may have very little effect. Or in some patients, the Botox may even leach into an area of the forehead where you don’t want it to go resulting in an undesirable cosmetic outcome. The best way to avoid this is to choose an expert Botox provider who has true expertise in cosmetic face enhancement.

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