Here is a wonderful example of just how powerful and effective Coolsculpting can be in an effort to create a slimmer waistline and more toned tummy. This very pleasant patient from San Diego desired to have her body contoured – but didn’t necessarily want surgery. Instead, she opted for the only FDA-approved fat freezing treatment – Coolsculpting – to get the results she wanted.

This incredibly popular non-surgical body contouring treatment is done with no needles, no downtime and no recovery. As one of San Diego’s leading medical spas, we have been performing Coolsculpting for years now. In fact, we love Coolsculpting so much that we have two machines, which allows us to perform dual sculpting. Meaning, we can use both Coolsculpting devices simultaneously on the same patient to be as efficient – and effective – as possible.

In this particular case, our expert aesthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann, performed the fat freezing treatment around the mid section of this patient. Over the following weeks to months, the frozen fat gets absorbed away forever and the overlying skin begins to shrink wrap around the new slimmer contour.

Her amazing Coolsculpting results are shown here – demonstrating quite easily just how much improvement can be realized and achieved with this revolutionary fat freezing treatment. Just look at her tummy region and surrounding hips now and you can readily appreciate the vast improvement made with Coolsculpting.

San Diego Coolsculpting Results

Fat Freezing Consult

If you have extra, unwanted fat and desire non-invasive body contouring, contact our medical spa staff today to schedule your complimentary consultation for Coolsculpting!

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