What is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing a medical spa? For many San Diego patients it is Botox for wrinkle reduction and injectable filler. But as we become more and more in tune to global health and wellness, an increasing number of medical spas, such as JH Medical Spa, are now offering comprehensive cosmetic services that include full esthetician treatment options, such as facials and massage, and high-end salon styling all under one room.

JH Medical Spa, under the direction of Harvard-educated board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski, was opened to cater to discerning clientele who desired comprehensive luxury care and cosmetic treatment services without having to visit multiple offices. Interested in getting your hair done by your favorite stylist? We have you covered. Yearning for a relaxing facial or pampering massage to make your day? We have you covered. How about combining your visit with a little anti-aging procedure? We have you covered. Want to go home with the best medical-grade skin care products? We have you covered.

Ready to book an appointment? Call our office today at 619-296-3223 to schedule your appointments!

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