So many patients are bothered by dark circles under their eyes. This is a great case example here in a young lady who came to JH Medical Spa seeking treatment for her lower eyelid region. She was bothered by the fact that she had unwanted shadowing along the lower eyelid region – contributing to the appearance of dark circles. This was a direct result of hollowing just underneath the bulging lower eyelid fat.

Believe it or not, this is a very common issue amongst patients seeking treatment at our clinic. Dark circles don’t just affect older patients. JH Medical Spa sees quite a few patients as young as their 20s who have unwanted dark circles and shadows under their eyes. That is because there is a congenital predisposition in some people to develop bulging fat in conjunction with shadowing along the lower eyelid. These patients are commonly asked if they are tired and/or if they got enough sleep the night before – even though they feel just fine! And unfortunately, this is a cosmetic issue that is quite difficult to correct with just make up because there is such a contour issue with the surface of the face.

Thank goodness for fillers though! One of the most popular treatments at JH Medical Spa is use of injectable fillers to treat these dark circles and shadows under the eye. An injectable filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm, is carefully placed just under the skin surface along the lower eyelid where it junctions with the cheek. In many cases, we don’t even use a needle for the injection. We will instead often times use what is called a blunt-tipped cannula for the filler placement. This is a specialized device used to place dermal fillers all over the face, which is much safer and tends to result in less swelling and bruising. In this particular case, our expert aesthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann, treated her with a syringe of Restylane using the blunt-tipped cannula technique. The results shown here are months down the road and reveal an absolutely amazing improvement in the appearance of her lower eyelids and midface. Just look at how much more rested she now appears. No longer does she look tired. And you can’t even tell where the filler treatment was performed because she looks so natural.

If you have under eye dark circles and/or bags and are looking for a non-surgical treatment option in San Diego, contact JH Medical Spa today to schedule your personalized consultation with our expert aesthetic staff.

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