First-Time Botox Patients

Are you a prospective Botox patient looking to get your very first wrinkle-reduction treatment? If so, you should contact our office today to schedule your personalized consultation with our esthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann. Despite the popularity of Botox cosmetic, which has been promoted extensively online, in magazines, and even on television commercials, there are many patients in San Diego who… Read More

Botox Reduces Depression Symptoms

Did you know that cosmetic use of Bot0x for wrinkle reduction has been shown to reduce the severity of depressive symptoms? Well, it is true! For years, cosmetic physicians knew that anecdotally patients simply felt better after getting Botox treatment. However, this was confirmed in a more scientific manner. A recent study showed that patients undergoing Botox for cosmetic purposes,… Read More

Forehead Wrinkle Reduction

Botox treatment for forehead wrinkle formation is probably the most common procedure we perform at JH medical spa. In order to fully understand the anatomy behind forehead wrinkle formation, we suggest you visit our Botox page. But suffice it to say that the two main cosmetic issues with the forehead distill down to (1) the vertical 11 lines that form… Read More

Botox Treatment Areas

What are the most common areas where Botox is used to treat unwanted wrinkle formation? Far and away, the forehead is the most frequently requested area for Botox injection in our medical spa. So many San Diego patients come to us complaining of forehead wrinkle formation, which usually involves two different regions, in particular. Glabella Botox The most popular area… Read More