Are you looking for beautiful, lush, darker brows? Come meet one of San Diego’s leading microblading and microshading experts, Nellie.

After practicing elsewhere and honing her craft in brow shaping, Nellie has decided to move her microblading and microshading business to JH Medical Spa. Nellie joins a number of other cosmetic and beauty specialists under one roof where clientele can choose from a wide variety of medical spa and salon treatments.

Nellie’s particular expertise is in brow microblading and microshading. In fact, given her amazing brow shaping results, more and more clients from all around San Diego are seeking Nellie out to get their new brows.

If you have brows that are simply too thin, lack lushness, are lighter than desired or just not the right shape, we recommend you consult with our resident microblading and microshading expert, Nellie.

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