Did you know that JH Medical Spa offers our clientele relaxing, pampering facials offered by an elite medical esthetician? Facial treatments are one of the best options for toning, rejuvenating and soothing your skin to give you that ultimate complexion.

At JH Medical Spa we offer our discriminating clientele the utmost care and service in truly unique environment where medical esthetician treatments are just one option amongst a full menu from our comprehensive spa and salon.

Facials are just the answer for so many of our San Diego clientele seeking to improve their skin. Whether you are looking to tone your skin, calm the occasional flare-up, push off the aging process or simply desire a better complexion, a facial treatment by JH Medical Spa may be the answer.

Two of the most popular facial treatments our estheticians offer are microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Microdermabrasion is a light, mechanical resurfacing procedure intended to restore your skin to a healthy, natural glow. Chemical peels are a nice alternative treatment that involve use of light, medium, and deep strength solutions to treat help your skin battle unwanted fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage and general aging.

If you are searching for a trusted, experienced team of esthetic skin specialists in San Diego, contact our office today to scheduler your personalized consultation.

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