Many people don’t realize that Botox® is a great treatment option for sweaty armpits. There are more patients suffering from this embarrassing condition, called axillary hyperhidrosis, than you would imagine. In many of these cases, everything has been tried to control the excess sweating in the armpits, but to no avail. Fortunately for these patients, Botox® is a great, effective treatment option for the uncontrolled, sweaty armpits. With just one treatment session, most Botox® patients will see a significant reduction in their armpit sweat for upwards of 3-4 months. This means no more concerns or worries about sweaty armpits when talking in front of others and no more anxiety-provoking staining of your clothing from the excess sweat. If you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis and have tried all other conservative treatment options, contact our San Diego medical spa today to get your sweaty armpits under control using Botox® injection.

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